Everyone who posts on the blog will be added to the guest book. If you’re a young polyglot (or at least young at heart!) and want to post, email me at with your idea. I look forward to seeing you on this list!

Ana Fraser
IMG-20150207-WA0008Ana is an aspiring ninja and polyglot from Jamaica, and when’s she not doing either she’s probably in the middle of a book or doing some form of work. This candy fueled free-spirit is as enthusiastic about traveling and meeting new people as she is about learning new languages (and playing videogames and eating candy).



Gabriel Henrique


Gabriel is a Brazilian language lover who speaks two languages, English and Portuguese. As a young adult, he’s already gotten to use his language skills in a variety of career options. He also loves to sing, and has even recorded his own CD! Check out his post about how languages have opened so many doors for him.



Lucia Leite

Usually on the blog, guest posts are written by teens. But Lucia Leite is the exception to the rule. She is Portuguese and has a degree in English and German. At the moment she is taking a Master’s degree in English as a second language for young learners. She is also improving her Spanish and French. That’s a polyglot if I ever saw one!