Who, me? How I got my story out there

The most incredible thing happened this week–I got to be interviewed for the My Polyglot podcast! At first I was hesitant to share my story. It feels inadequate for such a community of multilingual people! My three languages didn’t seem like they should be noticed in that crowd…but they were!
When I first joined a Facebook community for language lovers, I intended to take the backseat. But as soon as one of the mods posted my intro, I got a comment from JIMMY MELLO asking me to be his guest on My Polyglot. The catch was that my interview would have to be en espaƱol. I’ve had to do oral assessments before in Spanish class about my morning routine or favorite classes, but those three minute premeditated chats were nothing compared to the forty minute on-the-fly interview that I was about to dive into. I’d never really spoken Spanish with someone for more than five minutes, so forty live recorded minutes of conversation was, well, terrifying.

But obviously I got over that, because now I find myself looking at my name written on Jimmy’s site. Wow! I never thought that a fourteen year old nerd would get noticed for her gifts, but doing the podcast really changed that. I might not deserve the title of “prodigy polyglot” that he gave me, but I definitely deserve to have my story told. And so do you. So don’t be shy about telling people who you are, and why. The reward is so great and spreads to so many people!

Check out my interview here. And don’t forget to listen to all the other fabulous guests as well! Ciao.

Sydney Sauer • September 15, 2015

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