In America, we speak English…or do we? (Caution: mind-blowing stats are within)

There are many things that drive me absolutely crazy. One of them is people who feel the need to turn on every light in the house at 11:00 AM. Another is people who fish for compliments. But in terms of language learning, my biggest pet peeve is when people say “Speak English, you’re in America”. (…)

Borderless #2: Perspective Students

I talked to my friend Daisy, a Chinese student working on her application to study here. She gave me some great insights into what Chinese education looks like, and I filled in some of the gaps for us Americans. How is the American education system different from Chinese school? “America: a lot of group works,…

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Borderless #1: Day in the life of the program director

As promised, here’s the first interview for the “Borderless” series! First I talked to Todd Bacon, the director of the international program at my school, about what his job looks like on a day to day basis. In this interview he explains what exactly he does, and why and how he does it. Describe your…

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Curious about international study?

I’ve always had this fascination with education. Two of my dream jobs would be working in gifted education or college guidance. But what happens when this love of education mixes with a love of languages? Introducing: my first ever blog series, called “Borderless”. My school has a very vivid international program–a little less than 10%…

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