Guest Post: Lucia Leite

Usually on the blog, guest posts are written by teens. But Lucia Leite is the exception to the rule. She is Portuguese and has a degree in English and German. At the moment she is taking a Master’s degree in English as a second language for young learners. She is also improving her Spanish and…

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Guest Post: Ana Fraser

Ana is an aspiring ninja and polyglot from Jamaica, and when’s she not doing either she’s probably in the middle of a book or doing some form of work. This candy-fueled free-spirit is as enthusiastic about traveling and meeting new people as she is about learning new languages (and playing videogames and eating candy). Low…

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GUEST: Gabriel Henrique

Today we have a very special guest, Mr. Gabriel Henrique! He’s a nineteen year old who’s fluent in both Portuguese and English. Plus, he runs the Facebook page Gabriel TIPS for people learning English from Portuguese. He’s a great guy, and I hope you enjoy his story! Over to you, Gabe. I thought I learned…

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