Curious about international study?

I’ve always had this fascination with education. Two of my dream jobs would be working in gifted education or college guidance. But what happens when this love of education mixes with a love of languages?
Introducing: my first ever blog series, called “Borderless”.
My school has a very vivid international program–a little less than 10% of our students are from all over the world, from places like China, Austria, Latvia, and Guatemala.
Why not share this incredible program with all my readers? To help spread the word about international education, I’ve planned a four part series of blog posts interviewing and writing about all parts of the international program at my school, from prospective students to seasoned administrators. I’ll talk to a student who visited here from China for a few weeks, write about the different education systems in the world, and interview a few other key figures that make international study a possibility.
In my opinion, education is something that shouldn’t be a chore. Here in an unfamiliar environment, these international students all have a unique story to tell, and their stories are all part of the story of my school.
Stay tuned for the arrival of these posts. You won’t want to miss them! I will make a special tag for them, so once they are all uploaded you can go to the right sidebar and read all you want.
If you want to know when these posts come out, sign up for my mailing list in the box below. Otherwise, check back often for the latest installment of Borderless. The first will be uploaded soon!

Hasta luego! Que disfruten la vida. 😉

Sydney Sauer • February 19, 2016

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