Happy birthday, NQF! This year in review

It’s officially been a whole year since I first bought this domain and dove into blogging!


It’s been a long year with some inconsistent scheduling, but all in all I’ve had a lot more success than I ever anticipated. I gotten to do interviews and guest posts with some of my favorite polyglots and I am sure there is much more down the road!

To wrap up this first year, here’s a list of the top ten most popular posts on the blog. Check them out at your leisure. 😉

10. My Routine: The When and How of Language Learning

9. Borderless: The day in the life of an international program director

8. The most random way languages have helped me

7. 3 secrets to mastering Chinese characters

6. My fav YouTube channels for language learning

5. Are polyglots more likely to be insomniacs?

4. How to get over your fear of speaking

3. Can being confident lead to being fluent?(YES!)

2. Quiz: Find your polyglot spirit animal!

1. GUEST: Gabriel Henrique

Personally, my favorite was “Are polyglots more likely to be insomniacs?”, number 5. It was super fascinating to write plus it includes an infographic and a survey…two of my favorite things. I’m also super proud of Gabriel for topping this chart.

If you want to be a hipster and read something different than everyone else, check out my least successful blog post of all time, “Use This, not that: starting a language from scratch”.

Until next time!

Sydney Sauer • September 5, 2016

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