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To practice listening and learn about culture, all you need is wifi. YouTube is the best tool out there for getting to grips with some authentic material, and it is a fun way to do it! Here’s a compilation of some of my favorite channels if you’re looking to learn Spanish, Chinese, or advanced English.


Off the Great Wall
My Chinese is nowhere near being good enough to understand a video, so these English vlog-style videos are perfect for learning about the culture of China. Some are sketches, while others are panels of Chinese men and women answering questions about culture and life. It’s my favorite out of all of these.

TMD Shanghai
Some in English and some in Chinese, TMD’s videos cover a broad range of topics. Some are funny, like sketches about the difference between Asian and Western parents. But others are news reports in Chinese that make for great listening practice. Since a lot is in Chinese, I don’t watch this channel very much, but it is perfect for a more advanced learner.


Buenos y miticos dias
The Spanish version of the channel “Good Mythical Morning”, this one is also hilarious. Run by two of the funniest people in the world, this account posts a ten to fifteen minute comedic video every weekday. The Spanish-dubbed version is a great way to get practice in without it feeling like a whole bunch of work.

I first learned about this in a post from Lindsay Does Languages, and I’ve loved it ever since! This is one of my fave channels for Spanish, for two reasons. Primarily, it’s super funny. He basically goes on comedic rants (in Spanish of course!) about all sorts of things. I also love that it’s super hard to understand. He talks SUPER FAST, so I can’t just passively listen. It’s like learning to run with weights on your legs, so when they come off it seems so much easier.

Advanced English

Good Mythical Morning
The English counterpart for Buenos y Miticos Dias, I’ve enjoyed this channel as a native English speaker. It’s the same videos as the Spanish version, and they are perfect for a B1—C1 English speaker. My sister even owns their signature shirt. 😉

I’d recommend this to very advanced English learners (or even native speakers just for kicks). If I tried to watch this in Spanish, I’d be totally lost even though I have a B2 level (ish). On this channel, brothers John and Hank Green give lessons in all sorts of different subjects from Biology to American History. Their witty, fast-paced style is perfect for anyone looking to cinch that C2 level of English, or just learn something new.

Let me know in the comments if there’s any great ones I’ve missed! The Internet is a huge place. 

Sydney Sauer • January 4, 2016

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